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Traveling Home

The idea of this blog was to share my travel experiences.... you know those that include going to cool places and having fun experiences. I hadn't thought of a post on traveling...home. That's where my journey has taken me though. 

Home is always a wonderful place to be. It's the place where we can relax, let go and just be. It's the location that houses are items and offers us shelter, respite and healing, all of which are on tap for us right now. 

After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, I have to say, home felt damn good. I have a VERY soft, comfy bed. This is partly why I'm willing to get a hotel room when I hike, I require a bed for a good night's rest. I'm not worth much if I don't get that.... perhaps it's all in my mind but I do not feel like taking on the world when my spine feels like it's coming through my stomach.

I have a confession to make: coming home from any destination and experience typically brings up anxiety, rather t…