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The Need to Rest, Recognize and Appreciate Accomplishments and... taste the Salsa Verde

This past weekend I didn't do any weeding or working. I'm learning the value of incorporating "recovery" days. My week days are highly structured so on weekends, I do my best to deviate from that norm. 
On Saturday, Joe changed the wipers on my Jeep. It wasn't something I thought about doing and WOW, what a difference it has made in my vision. I think I'll keep him around! We grabbed groceries and went out for dinner at Pryce's favorite spot, Tempura.  

I took some time Sunday afternoon to do some journaling, set my schedule for the week and took inventory of my progress. It's easy for me to be in perpetual work and clearing mode. What is not easy is for me to rest, turn my brain off and just BE. Changing environments helps with that. I was feeling somewhat restless and pretty unmotivated. When that comes through, one of the remedies I apply is to move, even when I don't want to. I walked for an hour, Parker lifted weighs and we all shot hoops. It&#…
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Word Up: Growth

Around four years ago I started the practice of selecting my Word of the Year. In 2015, the word was VIBRANT. I wasn't feeling that way at all, in fact most of the time I wanted to crawl into cave and hide there. I purposely selected a word that would assist in helping me come out of a self-imposed shell. I also wanted to be more aware of how I carry myself and my presence in the world. Self-observation, done without judgment and honesty can really open one's view points. I'm not always vibrant, but I've learned the essence of the word means, how intoxicating it can feel and how it has absolutely nothing to do with how one looks.

In 2016, I sat in a very uncomfortable chair at Nebraska Medicine, while Pake was recovering from his fifth surgery. I was just starting the last of two graduate classes, one of the hardest I'd ever taken. I felt heavy, burdened, and totally unmotivated. With so many things up in the air, so many tasks that were needing to get done, The wo…

Spaciousness At Home

This was my house in October....

This was the laundry room

This is the upstairs, more piles...

Last October I dove into my space with the target of clearing out the piles. I used to binge clear. I would go for a time without doing anything and then all of a sudden, when I almost couldn't stand to walk into my space, I would declare war on the piles, sort, throw or keep. This was my method.

I've recently changed this. It sounds really simplistic and it is.... the missing link was establishing my priority of CLEAR. It's no secret that I think better, feel better and accomplish more when my space is neat, tidy and organized. I know this and yet I used my busy schedule and life style to justify why my home was usually in a state of disaster.

Why was it this way? Because even though I was continually weeding out clutter, I was not been vigilant about what came in the door. I had allowed items into my life to remain  past their points of contribution.

Clutter, people and life si…


It's been one year and a day since a huge chunk was ripped from my heart. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss Carl. I spent all of 2017 trying to pick up the pieces and navigate through a destroyed heart. I never asked why. I feel that trying to find reasons is just pointless. Sometimes we get the "why" and sometimes we never do.

When Pake was diagnosed with NFP2, I didn't ask why. Again, doing so tends to lead one down a rabbit hole. He was born with the disease. We had a choice of how we would navigate those challenges. We also had a choice in the viewpoints we would take. I am wired to look for the lessons, the awareness and what is here now. That's all we really ever have. What's here? What's the next step? We keep moving forward.

There have been some really challenging lows this year. The only way up and out....was to go through whatever was thrown in my path. At times I thought I knew the direction I was going,  I was usually wr…

Get the Funk Out

Post holiday vibes are rolling in. I find it’s always a bit hard to fit back into the crevices of daily life. Holidays are delicious in that they offer a change of pace from our normal, every day routines; rising early to get the kids up, fed and off to school. Running through the list of crazy to-do’s that seem to pile up and really, never end. Anytime there is a break in the action, I can expand and go BIGGER because the normal demands aren’t as strong.

Expansion happens instantaneously, effortlessly. It’s our minds that funks us up! And while we have the ability to endure anything, we also have at our disposal the ability to rise above whatever is showing up. Yes, we may still carry the demands of a busy life, children, parents, family, friends, work/career, paying bills, and the onslaught of many other responsibilities AND we have a choice of where we want to place our focus. When we streamline our target for the present moment, the next hour and even the day ahead of us, we have …

Bottoms Up

Along with books, bags and traveling, I should add mugs to my list of passions. Although I gave away most of my collection a couple of years ago, new ones have found their way to me. My one mug cupboard is nearly full so it's likely time to downsize again. Like some of the other aspects I enjoy, I can't really explain what it is that makes me buy, collect or find these mugs, but they definitely make me happy. I enjoy a variety and here are my current favorites: 

Tenny Greeny, isn't she cute? I salvaged her from an old shed. She was caked and covered in years of neglect and dirt. I washed and disinfected her (multiple times) I have no idea where the rest of her kind are. I found her with a cool, mustard yellow cup but she's chipped and leaking so she's being used as a pencil holder. 

Jeannette N. makes these really cool mugs. I bought one last year and was so excited as it was going to be the one to travel with me everywhere. On the way to Parker's National Finals…

Friends Along the Trail

I didn't think about taking pictures and recording stories of the wonderful people I met on my journey, until the last day 🙄. I met up with Patricia and Staci in Crestone. Very cool ladies that I had the pleasure of sharing  about the Ki energy work that I do. Then there was Brian, the volunteer guide at Chaco. Brian has an amazing story that I will share in another post. The final leg of the journey was where I met this Soul Sister, Ranell Fox. 

I was driving out to Royal Gorge, I thought it looked like a cool stop. I was wrong. After spending so many days alone, in quiet solitude and virtually undisturbed from crowds and chaos, stopping here was an absolute assault on my system.... LORDY! 

Throwing the binoculars in the backpack I walked to the visitor's center and felt my entire being constricting. Too many people, too much noise, too much.......everything. My entire quest was to connect with my soul and the Earth energies. To remember why I am here, to recalibrate and rejuv…