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10 Travel Tips

I wanted to share some insights I had from my recent travels. In my quest to live intentionally and with fewer items, I am continually testing new ideas. My most recent was that of traveling sans purse. I've mentioned many times how much I adore bags, totes and purses. I admit it is an addiction! I don't know that I will leave home without some sort of bag in the future. I'm still chewing a little on #2.

#1 Foldable Backpack
One of the best items I've added to my travel repertoire is a foldable backpack. I wanted one that would fit into a larger backpack but wouldn't take up space. I went with this Gonex 30L Lightweight backpack. I did a lot of research to determine what would be the best fit. We used it every day of our trip and were very happy with it. It held water bottles, sunglasses, scarf, cap, gloves, phone charger, travel logs and wallets.

#2 Downsize the Purse

I decided to forgo my usual Keen bag. This works great for for Urban hiking, I fold it up and put …
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Vintage Style

I am reminded from time to time how much I love vintage items. Oh how I adore old papers, typewriters, desks, lamps, books and wooden drawers. I have no idea why, but I do know those kind of things light me up. I wish there was a way to transport these items right to my home and use them every day. I can see myself sipping coffee and pounding out my ideas on this vintage type writer! I have no desire to go back in time, thank you very much. I appreciate the technology we have today, the ease and convenience of modern creations, but there is something deeply inviting when I step into these spaces.

We visited the Kregel Windmill Co. over the weekend. This is literally stepping back into time. While small, the building is as exactly as it was in 1939. The history of windmill production is very interesting but the most fascinating artifacts were in this office. Oh my goodness! It's the neatest room I've ever seen! I actually had a hard time walking away!

In my quest to downsize, …


One of these words feels lighter than the other? Can you tell? When you are looking at a decision do you feel like you HAVE to go with a certain option? What if you still had the same option, only you CHOOSE it. There's empowerment in the second choice and within that space, you actually change the consciousness of your reality.

Some of us are stuck in a job that we may not love. We say we have to have the job to do x, y, z. We may actually need the job to pay bills, afford health care, make car payments, take care of our families or any other reasons. We use these needs to justify why we are at this job, in this relationship, living in this location, are this in this shape. We enclose ourselves in a reality of few possibilities, tightening the noose around our necks, slugging through the days, dreaming of something different. And nothing changes. We get stuck. There's not a lot of potential for something better to come in when we reside in the "HAVE TO" world.

In th…

"Being Busy" is No Excuse

In the past I've used the excuse of being "too busy" for a lot of things. It is true, I am a busy person and I have a very full schedule, but it isn't that way every day. There are fluctuations, rising and falling tides of events and obligations.

Previously, on any given day, my home would not have qualified as "organized, neat and tidy" it was..... lived in {for sure!} I would go through clutter clearing spurts when I could no longer stand the mess. It would stay that way for awhile and then... it would go back to the default state.

The default state is the state we are in when we haven't aligned and integrated a certain target. It's the place of stasis where there is little effort. It's a resting point. There's nothing wrong with a resting point, it's just that nothing changes.

If we want something to change, we have to get clear on what that is, set the target(s) and then take steps toward it. I'm not goal oriented because it seems t…

The Need to Rest, Recognize and Appreciate Accomplishments and... taste the Salsa Verde

This past weekend I didn't do any weeding or working. I'm learning the value of incorporating "recovery" days. My week days are highly structured so on weekends, I do my best to deviate from that norm. 
On Saturday, Joe changed the wipers on my Jeep. It wasn't something I thought about doing and WOW, what a difference it has made in my vision. I think I'll keep him around! We grabbed groceries and went out for dinner at Pryce's favorite spot, Tempura.  

I took some time Sunday afternoon to do some journaling, set my schedule for the week and took inventory of my progress. It's easy for me to be in perpetual work and clearing mode. What is not easy is for me to rest, turn my brain off and just BE. Changing environments helps with that. I was feeling somewhat restless and pretty unmotivated. When that comes through, one of the remedies I apply is to move, even when I don't want to. I walked for an hour, Parker lifted weighs and we all shot hoops. It&#…

Word Up: Growth

Around four years ago I started the practice of selecting my Word of the Year. In 2015, the word was VIBRANT. I wasn't feeling that way at all, in fact most of the time I wanted to crawl into cave and hide there. I purposely selected a word that would assist in helping me come out of a self-imposed shell. I also wanted to be more aware of how I carry myself and my presence in the world. Self-observation, done without judgment and honesty can really open one's view points. I'm not always vibrant, but I've learned the essence of the word means, how intoxicating it can feel and how it has absolutely nothing to do with how one looks.

In 2016, I sat in a very uncomfortable chair at Nebraska Medicine, while Pake was recovering from his fifth surgery. I was just starting the last of two graduate classes, one of the hardest I'd ever taken. I felt heavy, burdened, and totally unmotivated. With so many things up in the air, so many tasks that were needing to get done, The wo…

Spaciousness At Home

This was my house in October....

This was the laundry room

This is the upstairs, more piles...

Last October I dove into my space with the target of clearing out the piles. I used to binge clear. I would go for a time without doing anything and then all of a sudden, when I almost couldn't stand to walk into my space, I would declare war on the piles, sort, throw or keep. This was my method.

I've recently changed this. It sounds really simplistic and it is.... the missing link was establishing my priority of CLEAR. It's no secret that I think better, feel better and accomplish more when my space is neat, tidy and organized. I know this and yet I used my busy schedule and life style to justify why my home was usually in a state of disaster.

Why was it this way? Because even though I was continually weeding out clutter, I was not been vigilant about what came in the door. I had allowed items into my life to remain  past their points of contribution.

Clutter, people and life si…