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Prepping for Spring/New Beginnings

I've recently arrived at the idea that I'll probably never wear out any of these clothes. I will get tired of them or they will go out of style before that happens. I have an abundance of clothes, which offers me a wide variety of ways to coordinate my appearance. That said, I tend to wear my favorites so it's time for another closet clearing. Anyone want to come shop? This is a seasonal event for me. I'm actually looking forward to it this time. This month is packed so come April, there will be significantly fewer items.

The only things I've truly worn out are my welcome at certain places, with certain people and these:

I bought these babies in Boston and haven broken them in past their prime.  After recent excursions, it's time to say goodbye and transition them out. They're super light and they offer toe protection so they will become yard/river/rodeo shoes. I do my best to keep my walking shoes out of the dirt and grime. When they've put in a ton of m…

The real reason for doing what you're doing....

I didn't really feel like going for a walk tonight. I'm short on sleep and I have a lot to get done before I rest tonight. 

That said, I already know the benefits of walking and why I do what I do. Surprisingly it's not about loosing weight, although that's been a nice side effect. Walking is the therapeutic. It gets me out of my head and helps me process my thoughts in positive ways. I feel better after I've walked and so good day or other wise, I stick to my routine because I know it'll make me feel good. 
On days like this, when it would have been easy to fall into an old mindset of, "I'm tired, I'll catch it tomorrow...." Instead I pondered on the greater good, my reason for walking. There are many reasons, but the most important is because I will KNOW it's what my body needs, not my mind. My mind can talk me into and out of just about anything. It's great for analysis and evaluation, not so always so good when it comes to motivation…

Room to Breath...just a little

photo credit: Leah Bryant
I'm so glad February is over. I had about 15 blog posts that I wrote but never published. When I read them over it sounded like I was extremely depressed. I'm not, but I have been under an intense amount of pressure to complete several projects. I have many "irons in the fire" and February brought on plenty of heat.

I am now seeing progress. Forward movement is always welcome and I tend to get frustrated when things feel constricted, heavy and non-moving. I've done my planning for this month and I'm happy that I will be traveling/adventuring. It truly feeds my soul. I know that there are times that I need to stay put, concentrate on my children, home and obligations but I most LOVE to be on the GO!

I haven't yet launched my spring detox/clearing. This month is dedicated to movement, which I am craving! April will be my full on release mode.... I may have to rent or borrow a larger vehicle to re-home my former possessions. Up for gra…