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Bottoms Up

Along with books, bags and traveling, I should add mugs to my list of passions. Although I gave away most of my collection a couple of years ago, new ones have found their way to me. My one mug cupboard is nearly full so it's likely time to downsize again. Like some of the other aspects I enjoy, I can't really explain what it is that makes me buy, collect or find these mugs, but they definitely make me happy. I enjoy a variety and here are my current favorites: 

Tenny Greeny, isn't she cute? I salvaged her from an old shed. She was caked and covered in years of neglect and dirt. I washed and disinfected her (multiple times) I have no idea where the rest of her kind are. I found her with a cool, mustard yellow cup but she's chipped and leaking so she's being used as a pencil holder. 

Jeannette N. makes these really cool mugs. I bought one last year and was so excited as it was going to be the one to travel with me everywhere. On the way to Parker's National Finals Rodeo in TN, it flew out of the back and landed on pavement. I actually cried over the mug. I loved it that much (silly, I know). I did get a replacement. I don't travel with it. Lesson learned. It's heavy, solid and feels so good in the fall when I am sipping cider.

One of my all times favorites, procured from my first excursion with Leah B. to our Ojo Caliente oasis. The trip was one for the memory books. One night we ventured along the road to Taos, seeing what we would find. We came up on a brewery, nothing short of looking like something straight out of Mad Max (I completely expected Mel Gibson to come strolling around the corner.) The place was one of the most unique locations I've ever been to. When I saw the raven on the mug, I HAD to bring it home with me. Best traveling wine cup I own. And it's still in one piece. Bonus.

I absolutely LOVE this jewel. Given to me by Soul Sister, Carrie B. I adore that she found one that is LEFT-HANDED, which of course makes every liquid taste even better! This is my go-to tea mug as it holds a good amount of water and I don't have to get up to refill me tea continually. I do love that. It's smooth and sleek and a joy to drink out of. I have thought about traveling with this but it usually stays at home, right on the kitchen counter. 

And confession: I just brought this home from Chaco. I ALWAYS look for and at mugs. I don't need another one, I know. However, I am always on the look for unique ones and I really dig this. I am currently into black and white designs and this one caught my eye. It is a Zuni design which I also really dig. It's a bit more rounded that some of the other mugs and coffee really hits the spot in this one! 

As I've spend a lot of time being gone from home this summer, I am noticing that I need to organize, pile and sort. I want to. It's feeling pretty cluttery and full right now,'s still summer and I am going to squeeze as much juice out of it as I possible can. I'll linger on the front porch just a little longer in the mornings and I'll sit out there just a little longer in the evenings. The self-imposed, "get it done" schedule is slacking a bit and I'm good with that. I am not nearly as productive as I used to be, but I am able to relax more than I have been able to in quite awhile. 

So, I'm off to enjoy a mug of something cool. I'm hardly a routine and scheduled kind of gal but it came to me that I could something like dedicating a mug of the day, for each week day. Or maybe not..ha! I joke that that the only thing I'm really consistent doing is showering, brushing my teeth and drinking coffee. Balancing my checkbook....not on the list. 



  1. I have the same mug (right-handed) and it's my favorite mug for tea and hot toddy's in the winter because it's huge and a great hand warmer!

    Lately I've been studying Hygge, a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cozy or special. Warm drinks, candles, a home-cooked meal, socks, soft clothing and blankets (hello Cancers!) all contribute to being present in the moment, whether alone or with loved ones, at home or on an adventure. No wonder Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world!

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  3. I enjoy mugs almost as much as I enjoy the phrase "bottoms up." ;) Be well, RRR.


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