Saturday, July 22, 2017


I have this ideal image that after a day of exploration, I'll come back to wifi and share the events and insights of the day. NOPE! That hasn't been the case at all, I've gotten up early and crawled to bed pretty late. I always bring books to read and haven't even gotten to those. I'm sharing now, instead of being out and about, because I looked down and noticed that the Jeep needs an oil change. I'm at Jiffy Lube plotting out my day's schedule (or avoiding a schedule completely, would be more accurate.) I have squeezed the most out of every hour that I could. I have taken a ton of pictures, done a ton of driving, thinking, processing and releasing.  This is the therapy I've been needing. While I'm waiting for an oil change, here are a few images of what I've seen/experienced.

View of Chaco from the mesa

Proof that I made it to the top, my legs still feel like jell-o

Stunning view to the east at New Alto

A big part of Chaco is seeing the hidden meanings, often in plain sight.

The original entrance of Pueblo Bonito. The wall runs north/south and east/west. 

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