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Simply Festive

Here's a quick snap of my kitchen table. I gleaned this vintage table cloth years before I had a scratched up metal table to lay it upon. 
It's old and there are stains, it's perfect! 

I've been going through holidays decorations. NO ONE should have as many decorations at this. No one. 
I am paring down to just a few items, items I REALLY TRULY love. Even if I like it, that's not enough to justify giving it space for 11 months.  I've been going through items with a very discerning eye. I have three piles: sell, donate, pitch. These candles ended up on the pitch pile. Parker procured them from the their places and put them on the trunk in the living room instead. His words, "Mom, we should finish using these." 
Simple as that. So I placed the candles in a pie pan, added one more candle for a grouping and here is our "center piece" 

In the past I wondered what it would be like to have a simple, stress free holiday? I mean it IS a holiday and holiday…

Quality vs Quantity

While I don't feel the need to defend myself, my actions, choices, and beliefs, I will say that I am continually defining myself, my values, goals and focus. I've recently had several conversations with different people commenting and/or asking about my continuing assault on clutter and unnecessary items. In one of those discussions, my friend confessed that she had done some rad Christmas shopping and then second guessed herself because I've gotten rid of so much that she didn't want to just add to the piles and then have me purge it later on! (A valid concern and one I was deeply grateful for!)

My response was that I welcome gifts, especially ones that come directly from the heart, thoughtfully selected pieces that are designed to enhance my personal style and enjoyment. Another friend, who knows I love to read and that I always carry a book wherever I go,recently gifted me The Revenant (Great story and I cannot wait for the movie to come out!) I welcome these genuine…

Just the Essentials...and a Bit of Beauty!

Have you ever bought/received an item that you initially loved, and then didn't know exactly what to do with it? 
I bought this medicine bag several years ago and it's made its home on my bedside table (an old TV tray!) 
As I've been going through items in my decluttering foray, I've noticed my propensity for buying, keeping and NOT using. What?! Silly. 
I can't explain why it popped into my head to start my medicine bag after so many years. I remember where and when I bought it. I think I remember why....but I can't say that I fulfilled that purpose exactly. 
So in my quest to "put it to good use" or let it go, this item came to my attention. I've cleared away a lot of nice, but unnecessary items or items that I just haven't used, aren't authentic reflections of my style or I just don't need. I've become very real with truth of what clothes I will wear, what items I will keep and why. I am currently holding on to a few things for pure…

What I've lost has been a gain....

with  this clutter clearing thing. Getting rid of crap I don't need has opened up the space for me to see and appreciate more of what I already have.

I'm continuing on the path, though with the approaching holidays, I've taken a few detours to enjoy time with the kids, after all THIS is the entire reason for wanting a clean, neat, streamlined space.

We took a day trip on Sunday to gather a few, focused Christmas gifts. On Sunday, rather than attack my normal cleaning and organization route, we went to a nearby lake and hiked instead. Of course I could have dove into the last few disaster areas, but I figure they can wait a bit longer. A big part of getting rid of excess was to enjoy my life, without having to constantly launch house reclaiming projects. By maintaining, picking up and keeping things tidy during the week, I can coast for a bit on weekends. I've been keeping myself to a pretty strict routine: nothing on the counters at night, all items out of the dish dra…

A Change...Will do you Good...

Hi Friends, 

It's been a while since my last post. This blog was originally created as a way to chronicle my travels,  sharing thoughts and inspirations. Most of this year has been spent focus on my family and supporting my oldest son in his health challenges. Three surgeries down and too many miles to count, we are ending the year on a high note. He has one more surgery to go and then, God willing, he can take a break from being in the hospital (although he will miss his very awesome nurses). I am assuring him we will be back to visit!

So to recap what I've been up to, without boring anyone to pieces I'll just say, I'm embarking on a deeper journey. As much as I love to hop on a plane, explore and be out in the world, I've been very much drawn to my home space. I've spent the later part of October and most of November knee deep in clutter release and reclaiming my space. So instead of posting a fabulously fun travel post, this was is laden with the domestic dril…