Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simply Festive

Here's a quick snap of my kitchen table. I gleaned this vintage table cloth years before I had a scratched up metal table to lay it upon. 

It's old and there are stains, it's perfect! 

I've been going through holidays decorations. NO ONE should have as many decorations at this. No one. 

I am paring down to just a few items, items I REALLY TRULY love. Even if I like it, that's not enough to justify giving it space for 11 months. 
I've been going through items with a very discerning eye. I have three piles: sell, donate, pitch. These candles ended up on the pitch pile. Parker procured them from the their places and put them on the trunk in the living room instead. His words, "Mom, we should finish using these." 

Simple as that. So I placed the candles in a pie pan, added one more candle for a grouping and here is our "center piece" 

In the past I wondered what it would be like to have a simple, stress free holiday? I mean it IS a holiday and holiday = relaxation. But that wasn't the case for me. At all. I was rushing to address, sign and send cards and pictures, I stayed up until 2 am wrapping gifts, I frantically cleaned and cooked and tried my best to keep things looking *amazing*. The week in between Christmas and New Year's I cleaned and organized. Basically I had to find a place for all the stuff so, I didn't relax much. 

Fast forward I have far fewer items. I live with who I love and what I love. I also do what I love. That's my focus. Yes, I still deal with frustrations and challenges but my focus and perspective have done a 360. 

I don't cook tons of food items. I've proved that I can and that's enough for me. We don't need the excess sugar or leftovers. My perfect amount of time in the kitchen is long enough to make coffee in the French Press :) 

We will be traveling this holiday. I never know until the day/time what we will do, what will feel right. Sometimes it feels good to stay home, sometimes we are all ready to go. That's how we feel right now. 

We will have our holiday together tonight and then rise and journey on. I love the feeling of living and traveling "light". To me this is what simple living and celebration is all about. Present moment. Authenticity. Creation. Connection. We are blessed! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quality vs Quantity

While I don't feel the need to defend myself, my actions, choices, and beliefs, I will say that I am continually defining myself, my values, goals and focus. I've recently had several conversations with different people commenting and/or asking about my continuing assault on clutter and unnecessary items. In one of those discussions, my friend confessed that she had done some rad Christmas shopping and then second guessed herself because I've gotten rid of so much that she didn't want to just add to the piles and then have me purge it later on! (A valid concern and one I was deeply grateful for!)

My response was that I welcome gifts, especially ones that come directly from the heart, thoughtfully selected pieces that are designed to enhance my personal style and enjoyment. Another friend, who knows I love to read and that I always carry a book wherever I go, recently gifted me The Revenant (Great story and I cannot wait for the movie to come out!) I welcome these genuine gestures and I will likely never be without books, I don't think that is even possible. 

My quest is not about refusing anything, rather it is creating intentional space for what I want to experience in my every day reality. The issue, as I shared with her, isn't necessarily the"stuff" as much as it was that I hadn't practiced "catch and release" on a regular basis. Instead of really getting clear about what I want to surround myself with, setting the boundaries for personal purchasing and then taking time to discern what I TRULY wanted and needed, I continued to bring in more items but I wasn't diligent about letting go of the ones I was done with. This is one of the taproots of the clutter tree. Our possessions become overwhelming when we don't take the time to prune them. They invade our outer environments but they also cast a burden on the inner spaces (thoughts and emotions) as well. 

I am a sentimental person and therefore I do enjoy surrounding myself with reminders of those nearest and dearest to me, as well as having mementos of my travels and experiences. I also adhere to my personal style of decorating, designing and creating my living spaces. I do not adhere to any particular "theme" rather I just go with what feels right to me. If I had to name it, I'd call it "wabi sabi" style (random items that feel right).

When I started clearing my space, my focus was to pare down to what I most enjoyed and appreciated. That's what all the books and Youtube videos say. Even my training and a professional Feng Shui consultant advises that we Live with ONLY with what we love. As it turns out, I LOVE A LOT OF THINGS! And therein lies the challenge. I've challenged this by asking myself, "If I were to live out of an RV, what would I take along?" When one is on the road, one brings essentials and a few "treats". Space is limited so selection needs to be specific and focused.  I wouldn't bring the cool drum that my mom gifted me, but I love seeing it hang on the wall in my entry way. I wouldn't bring my collection of art books, but I would bring my journals, pens, and washi tape. So I ask myself, "What would it take to house only those items?" What comes to mind is discernment, presence, truth, will power and choice. All those are the necessary components behind the mindset of living intentionally. That said, they are not as easy to put into practice as one might hope. 

I'm in a semi-plateau phase right now. The initial endorphins of clearing out a lot of crap has given way to contentment. And while contentment is peaceful, it is not going to get me further along on my journey to living with fewer items. This past weekend I came face to face with my choices and the way of navigating them that was in alignment with my values and focus. There's nothing like a NIKE store to test one's personal resolve. One of my weaknesses is my "shoe game". Oh how I love shoes (and purses and bags and books). I have released A LOT of shoes and boots lately, so I do have the space. But that not it. Not at all. I don't need anymore shoes, but that doesn't mean I don't want them!

When I came across these beauties, I was smitten. Given the fact that I had on a pair of very flat, minimalist shoes, that were really hurting my feet, I took a look at the shoe wall. I tend to pack these shoes because they are light and don't take up much room. They are, however, not comfortable. I made the mistake tried these on. 

Ahhhh.Yes, these felt much better. My first thought was, "I really don't need these."  My next thought, as I looked down at the uncomfortable pair was, "Why am I wearing shoes that I don't love? Shoes that really don't feel good?" Next thought: "I could actually release the ones I have on, and a few more pairs that I have lying around at home." Quality versus quantity. I don't need that many shoes, but I do wish to have really good shoes to walk in, especially in the city. I've also been walking every day and the current workout shoes are showing some wear.....Wait... does this sound like I am justifying and rationalizing? Over a pair of shoes??? Scratch that. I wanted the damn things, they felt REALLY comfortable so.... I got them. I LOVE them (who wouldn't want a pair of cool "elite" snowflake shoes in December????) It makes me sort of feel like the grown-up, work out version of  the Frozen Chicks (I really don't know their names and I'm not going to take the time to Google it either. Pryce was over that move the first time she saw it so I have no references here... now if there were Lego characters, I might have a shot.......). 

I walked out of the store with the snowflake shoes. It wasn't until the next day, when I returned to purchase a vest (that story will appear in another post), that I learned that these shoes are "elite" to the Nike store in Chi Town. And... they had just been put out for purchase the day I walked into the store. The salesperson shared that they do not stay around very long and that I had had incredible luck. Cool. I don't know the first thing about current trends, let alone the Nike elite line or what day certain shoes are going to be released. I do know that I am on board with taking care of my body and and choosing comfortable shoes versus ones that hurt my feet. 

Now in saying this, multiple thoughts come to mind. I realize that this could sound like I am an advocate for "throw-away" society. I am not. No, I didn't have to have them. Yes, the money could have gone to something else. The means were available to make this purchase. I also released the former shoes to go to someone who can appreciate them (and someone who hasn't had two foot surgeries). I am no a proponent of buying new in every case, either. I do not devalue items due to age. (My kitchen table and chairs are worn and metal and older than I am). It's not about old or new, to me, it's about how the items feel. How something looks is important too, I enjoy the aesthetics. Look + feel, or feel + look, are important combinations to me. 

I share this not to highlight my scattered, random thought process but to share that it is important, when we are in the midst of redefining ourselves, our style, our values and focus that we do let ourselves have some leeway. I could have just as easily walked out of that store and not made the purchase. I would have still been the same happy, sweet, person (I'm working on the self-love thing, ok?!?) I believe this is a key component for living with what we love; knowing what we are buying and why we are REALLY buying something. 

I would not have missed any sleep over missing out on the snowflake Nike shoes. I thought long and hard about the purchase, what it symbolized and the reasons behind it. I am not an impulse shopper. I do put thought into what I buy and bring home. This was a significant moment and one that honored the work I've been doing and the work that I will continue to do to create intentional space. 

I do not feel an ounce of guilt for bringing in these lovely shoes. I employed the catch-n-release principle even before I got home (I left the other Nike's with Leah to donate or sell.) I also came home and added two more pairs of uncomfortable shoes in the sell/donate pile.

While it is true that we can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, I also think that what got me into this predicament in the first place is...choice and variety. I will say it is nice to have the option to select from a variety of choices, but it is a luxury, not a necessity. This is the next aspect that I am working through. Not that I want to limit my choices and I certainly do not want to cut off any potential receiving, I do want to define my style in a way that is clear and efficient. Choice is a good thing, especially when it is conscious. It is also way to easy to become unconscious of the MANY choices we have in every moment. 

My intention is not to live a limited life, in fact just the opposite. I am directly challenging the limited thinking that I've used as a way to keep myself safe and avoid disappointments. In fact, I am questioning everything, observing and redefining what it means to living intentionally with far fewer limitations---including the burden of more material items than what I have a need/use for, finding new uses and appreciation for what I already have and staying conscious to what I am purchasing. I'm still greatly challenged in all of this, especially with the Christmas season upon us and the feeling that I SHOULD purchase additional gifts for my kids. (That's yet another post....). 

I'm imploring the idea of quality versus quantity. I've already proven to myself that I don't need a lot. I can hop on a plane with just a backpack and be happy as a....turtle (that's more fitting than a clam!) My routine is lined out and I start my day with purpose and fluidity. I know what I most enjoy and I know my thoughts and actions are being directed toward these (bring on travel + live music!) Being in alignment feels GREAT! 

I'm applying the idea of quality to other aspects in my life as well; relationships, clothing, food and how I spend my time. There are certainly some loose ends to tie up, but hey, I have the proper (and rad) foot ware to meet those challenges! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just the Essentials...and a Bit of Beauty!

Have you ever bought/received an item that you initially loved, and then didn't know exactly what to do with it? 

I bought this medicine bag several years ago and it's made its home on my bedside table (an old TV tray!) 

As I've been going through items in my decluttering foray, I've noticed my propensity for buying, keeping and NOT using. What?! Silly. 

I can't explain why it popped into my head to start my medicine bag after so many years. I remember where and when I bought it. I think I remember why....but I can't say that I fulfilled that purpose exactly. 

So in my quest to "put it to good use" or let it go, this item came to my attention. I've cleared away a lot of nice, but unnecessary items or items that I just haven't used, aren't authentic reflections of my style or I just don't need. I've become very real with truth of what clothes I will wear, what items I will keep and why. I am currently holding on to a few things for purely sentimental purposes. 

The medicine bag was one of these items until the thought struck me, "I should use this!" And he next thought,  "What would I use it for?!" 

I've learned to ask questions. The answers find me eventually. I let go of the need to know and bring my focus back to the present.  I came home the other evening and started clearing out my closet. Again. This will likely be a continual process for awhile (it really can be overwhelming, simple because I've collected SO MUCH and releases so little. 

As I took clothes off of hangers I glanced over at my make-shift night stand: time to start carrying the medicine bag. I emptied the various treasures it held inside. "What would my 'medicine' be? 
Again, I asked the question and left it wide open. 

The night before my Chicago trip, I grabbed the beaded bag, still not knowing what I'd use it for, just that I wanted it to be along with me. That was reason enough. It's aesthetically pleasing and I want to appreciate it. 

This morning, (not bright) but early, the purpose of the bag, and what my "medicine" is came to me. I think sometimes discovery comes to me as a winding path. Each step lends to a deeper understanding, a more clear vision than the day before. 

I know that I was born to travel, this is something I've loved since I packed my first backpack and road around the ranch on my dirt bike. I have a deep desire to explore, discover, get out of my comfort zone and be in new environments. I love the feeling of traveling without excess, having just what I need and a few beautiful, non-essential items. 

I've become quite keen on paring down. I have a good idea of what I need, what I will use, what works for me. Rather than feeling lack, I feel abundantly blessed! Lightening the load is allowing me so many amazing insights and experiences. It is truly an adventure to experience. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What I've lost has been a gain....

with  this clutter clearing thing. Getting rid of crap I don't need has opened up the space for me to see and appreciate more of what I already have.

I'm continuing on the path, though with the approaching holidays, I've taken a few detours to enjoy time with the kids, after all THIS is the entire reason for wanting a clean, neat, streamlined space.

We took a day trip on Sunday to gather a few, focused Christmas gifts. On Sunday, rather than attack my normal cleaning and organization route, we went to a nearby lake and hiked instead. Of course I could have dove into the last few disaster areas, but I figure they can wait a bit longer. A big part of getting rid of excess was to enjoy my life, without having to constantly launch house reclaiming projects. By maintaining, picking up and keeping things tidy during the week, I can coast for a bit on weekends. I've been keeping myself to a pretty strict routine: nothing on the counters at night, all items out of the dish drain, kitchen table clear, all laundry folded and put away, floors picked up, bed is made, nothing on the bathroom counters, closet is organized, clothes are hung up, all shoes are in the closet. I broke routine last night. We cozied up in the living room, watched a movie, laughed, and enjoyed our night together. It took me one night to get things lined out. One. Not a week or a month. One night and everything is back in order. This was something I only dreamed of a few months ago.

Sometimes it's good to break away, just for a bit. It helps counterbalance burn out. I've been following a pretty tight schedule and as a result, I've been efficient.  It's a fine line for me though, especially given the fact that I am "fluid" by nature and that I prefer not to have to follow a schedule. I'm embracing that more left-brained approach though because I do see the value in it. I see that getting up at the same time every day and having a morning routine does help feel as thought I am accomplishing more. I see that my body is naturally inclined to go to bed around the same time and yes, I may sleep better if I stay in such a routine.

It's been a little over a month since I started the clearing and I must say, I've greatly enjoyed the sense of freedom and clarity that has come through. Even though a lot of what I've gotten rid of wasn't visible, I'm still feeling the effects of the release.  One wouldn't think that old Country Living Magazines, books, papers, shoes, clothes and purses would have that much effect on someone's space, but I'm beginning to reconsider what it's done and what it is still doing for my life to let that stuff go. I've noticed a tangible "lightness" when I walk in the door. I've also noticed that I am much more clear and focused when I have a project that I need to complete. Of course there are many factors that direct and determine clarity and focus but I think having fewer objects around me makes a difference.

Here's the really cool thing and I do believe there is something to the idea that when you get rid of one thing, you make space for something else.  As I was going through each item, my focus wasn't to make room for material items. I have clear goals in mind that have absolutely ZERO to do with "things." I placed my focus on these aspects and went to work. I never know how things are going to show up in my life, especially after a decluttering rampage. I've been at this awhile now and anytime I've cleared out clutter and excess, there's always a BIG shift, I just never know what it will look like, what form(s) it will take. Sometimes there's upheaval too. That's disturbing at first, especially if I'm resisting the very change I've asked for. Once the smoke clears though, I can usually see the uprising was a good thing and that breaking down process was really a breakthrough...and life goes on.

I must say there have been some destructive aspects with the latest clutter clearing project. When we let go of things we don't need, it seems to give our lives permission to move ahead. If we've been stuck for a long time, this can seem like quite a jolt. Our possessions are imbued with memory associations so when we decide we're "done" and we get to the place that we're good with letting those things go, it's as if we turn on a light in a dark attic. We see things that we didn't notice before, we remember forgotten hopes, wishes, dreams. We suddenly have access to awareness, ideas and inspirations that were forgotten or maybe buried. When we declutter our homes, we really declutter our lives and our emotions. Perhaps this is why so many people are willing to live with excess. When we get really clear and real with our "stuff" we are facing down the barrel of past choices, right wrong, good, bad. We're the ones that have bought the items, or entered into the relationships or taken that job, bought the vehicle, had the baby.... we're now responsible for all of those past choices.
Seemingly "out of the blue" I received two checks. One was for a deposit that I'd made a long time ago and the other was for an item that I sold. I didn't worry about the money, in fact, I forgot about it. I focused on my goal of downsizing and decluttering and.... I feel as thought I've made space for more of what I DO want to have in my life, which includes $! (Yes, I gladly receive and accept it!)

Now, it did cross my mind to immediately cash these two checks and spend them on Christmas gifts for my kids. I haven't though. I've restrained myself. I love to buy for my kids. However, after spending the past two months going through all of the items that I've bought them, I am seriously questioning this idea. I've certainly noticed the panic that has risen to the surface when I thought, "Oh my Lord, I have nothing for them for Christmas!" It's true. I don't. I had an amazing adventure in mind for the following week of Christmas, one that included fun, food and motel rooms. That won't be happening now though, we've had a schedule change. They will be with me for Christmas and I'm SUPER excited. They also have no presents to open..... that doesn't exactly qualify me for "Mother of the Year".......

Or does it? What if we bypass the tradition of buying gifts? What if we do something entirely different? It's not like they don't have nice things or that they never get anything? Parker and Pryce both got new shoes last month. Pryce has new jeans (its NOT capris weather she tells me). All three of them received MHC basketball gear (no one wanted to wait for those items, it IS basketball season after all!)

I caught myself, just this morning, looking at items I could get them. I really had to hold off and STOP. I'll have to think about this because I don't want any purchases to be out of obligation. I really have worked hard to let go of so much stuff that I'm not in the mood to bring more in. I want the purchases I select to be meaningful and useful, but most of all I want our Christmas to center around connection, love, laughter and precious time together.

My idea of filling space has little to do with material items. My idea of freedom isn't to add additional  items or have to move or rearrange anything. I no longer wish to be constrained by items. I don't want to spend time organizing. There are SO many things to do, places to explore and experiences that I want to live totally unencumbered by STUFF.  I'm not there yet, but I am well on my way.

From the conversations I've had lately, I don't think I'm alone. Many of us are feeling the need to unburden ourselves, lighten the load, and truly live the lives we came here to experience. This has been an intense year, one of the most challenging I've experienced. I can see growth, even in the midst of change. I can clearly see where I've been, where I've wasted energy, time and resources. These have been valuable lessons and they've helped me get really REAL with myself. Where I am currently, where I'm headed next and ultimately where I want to be. There are many things that I want to change, shift and be done with. The fastest way to get there has been to be discerning with my energy, time, talents and focus. I've had to be brutally honest with myself and at times, this hasn't been easy. In addition to material items, I've let go of things, people and situations that also weren't supportive. My effort to lighten the load is paying off and yet, I'm not about to settle. There's a lot more to go. Loss can be hard to take, but it can also be very liberating. In what I've released, I've gained incredible insight, inner peace and strength.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Change...Will do you Good...

Hi Friends, 

It's been a while since my last post. This blog was originally created as a way to chronicle my travels,  sharing thoughts and inspirations. Most of this year has been spent focus on my family and supporting my oldest son in his health challenges. Three surgeries down and too many miles to count, we are ending the year on a high note. He has one more surgery to go and then, God willing, he can take a break from being in the hospital (although he will miss his very awesome nurses). I am assuring him we will be back to visit!

So to recap what I've been up to, without boring anyone to pieces I'll just say, I'm embarking on a deeper journey. As much as I love to hop on a plane, explore and be out in the world, I've been very much drawn to my home space. I've spent the later part of October and most of November knee deep in clutter release and reclaiming my space. So instead of posting a fabulously fun travel post, this was is laden with the domestic drill---That said, this is where "Keeping it Light Enough 2 Travel" originates. 

It's always shocking how much I accumulate when I do take a break and actually stay home now and then. While it is not comfortable, it does afford a unique view of seeing what I've shoved aside and let go. 

My space and life re-evaluate started happening in October. After Pake's last surgery I needed to get some things in order, you know like bills and magazines and well, everything really. There wasn't an area of my life or my home that didn't need some attention, picking up, and clearing out. 

I begrudgingly began the process, bitching all the way.. to myself of course...because let's face, I am the one that made the mess. I wish I could say the process was enjoyable, but it wasn't. I worked for over a week before I felt like I'd made any real progress and then, then I couldn't stop thinking about all the crap I had amassed. I was still swaying back and fourth from triumphant (take that all you sh+*) to timid (So help me GOD, I will never buy another book again another coffee mug again.) 

End the end, I kept plugging away and even as I write this post, I'm still not close to where I want to be. For me, this really is a lifestyle change. It's a pattern shift from how I've set up my day, lived through the moments, focused on who and what were actually important and surrounding myself with items that are authentic reflections of who I am at this time and where I intend to journey next. And who the places I plan to go!!!!!!

I have indeed lightened the load! The picture above tripled from when I first snapped the shot. It was hauled away, last weekend, by my dear friend, Leah who is distributing it to various places via eBay and women's shelters.  For the first time, since I've moved in, I am enjoying an empty hall closet, all of my favorite books are in the same location, my shoes all fit on ONE rack, my tote of purses are gone, my mail is sorted and organized. Yes, I have a was to go. The upstairs will be brought to justice in time. Right now I have a few other things to focus on.... however, the recent purge has severely shifted what I will be purchasing for Christmas, or rather what I will not be purchasing. 
My previously messy, mail corner. 

I am by no means what could be called"minimalist" but that is where I am headed. I'm still quite attached to many items though I have created more space to enjoy them all. Next on my list is creating more time. I'm sure it's there, just like the space was. 

Through the process I've realized that the more stuff I have, the more weighted down I feel. I'm amazed how letting go of excess has resulted in feeling more clear, focused, vibrant and aware. 

An interesting correlation for me has been that I am much more motivated to get up and get going. One of the things I've REALLY struggled with waking up.... I have previously hated mornings. While I am not going to say I love getting out of bed at 5 am, I will say that I have been able to force myself a bit more easily (I know, I know, there are oxymorons all OVER that statement!) Perhaps it was clearing the clutter out, perhaps it was the boost of feeling like I've accomplished something, it really doesn't matter because I've made it past the "zombie, bleary-eyed, why in the hell am I doing this phase" to the "holy cow, my body just woke up before my alarm went off".... 

Clearing out clutter made me realize what my goals and values are. It has helped me narrow down the distractions, release the chaos and really focus on what I want to experience, achieve and accomplish. If I'm constantly living in a cycle of cleaning/organizing/living/making messes and then starting over again, I'm not making progress and I am certainly not being efficient with my time, talents, traits and energies. 

I notice when my living space is clear I can more easily focus on the to-dos. I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time and dare I say, I can recognize and enjoy the process! I wouldn't have been able to say that a few months ago, but looking at what I've knocked out lately, even I'm impressed. So that also means, I can look what I have done to actively change my approach. I have changed a lot of things, some are noticeable, some are not, some will be seen to a greater degree down the road. 

My recent experience reminds me that a lot of what happens in our inner world is mirrored in the outer world. I've let a lot of things go, I've released and lightened the load and as a result, I feel "lighter" more free and happier than I've been in a long time. 

Sure, I still have some challenges that I am working through. There are certain people and situations that trigger me. Just like I've changed my approach to clutter and what I was willing to put up with and let go of, well, I'm applying this to attitudes and people that I have to deal with as well. There's something to be said about letting emotional clutter (other people's opinions and mean actions) go right out the door. 

There are so many things that I am ready to create, experience and share. I'm looking forward to 2016, more so than I have ever looked forward to a coming new year. This one has been deeply challenging. I've had very an array of experiences, from excruciating fear and and emotional turmoil to feelings of joy, bliss and appreciation. It's really a lot to take in. 

I have my sights set on a few things in the coming year, and now I have an expanded clear view. It's so nice to get up, get moving and experience a clean, clear, organized space. 

There's a good chance that this is all in my head and that there is no correlation between clutter clearing and success. I might be crazy to think that giving items away/releasing the could have anything to do with dropping physical weight and letting go of excess could create space. If that is the case, I gladly accept insanity, because for whatever reason it seems to be working out much better. 

As Cheryl Crow sings, "A change.. will do you go" I have to agree. I needed to change my attitude, change my approach, change my direction, change my focus, redirect my schedule, get my body moving, make better food choices, make better life decisions, and really get clear on where to spend my time, talents and resources. So yes, A change has done me good and I trust it will continue to do so. 

What changes are you ready to institute? What's holding you back? I know how much energy it took me to face the piles of crap that have gathered and multiplied for over a year. I want you to know that if you choose to roll up your sleeves and dive in, I'll be happy to cheer you on and support you, because believe me, no one should have to go through the process alone---it can be huge, and scary and REALLY, REALLY eye-opening. For that reason, I encourage you to do just that. Dive in, dig deep, clear out the crap that you've been putting up with, let go of anything that doesn't light you up and make your heart sing. Claim your inner space, clean up the outside, bring it all together and get ready to create a truly amazing year. Let's do something different, wild, and more authentically amazing than what we even thought was possible! Ready??? 3, 2, 1..............

{If you are in the mood for some changes, and would be interested in my coaching support, let me know. I'll be offering a few limited spots in January. These are private phone, email, or Google + sessions, tailored to your specific goals and blockages. Message me on Facebook, or if you'd like to set something up.}

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