Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Change...Will do you Good...

Hi Friends, 

It's been a while since my last post. This blog was originally created as a way to chronicle my travels,  sharing thoughts and inspirations. Most of this year has been spent focus on my family and supporting my oldest son in his health challenges. Three surgeries down and too many miles to count, we are ending the year on a high note. He has one more surgery to go and then, God willing, he can take a break from being in the hospital (although he will miss his very awesome nurses). I am assuring him we will be back to visit!

So to recap what I've been up to, without boring anyone to pieces I'll just say, I'm embarking on a deeper journey. As much as I love to hop on a plane, explore and be out in the world, I've been very much drawn to my home space. I've spent the later part of October and most of November knee deep in clutter release and reclaiming my space. So instead of posting a fabulously fun travel post, this was is laden with the domestic drill---That said, this is where "Keeping it Light Enough 2 Travel" originates. 

It's always shocking how much I accumulate when I do take a break and actually stay home now and then. While it is not comfortable, it does afford a unique view of seeing what I've shoved aside and let go. 

My space and life re-evaluate started happening in October. After Pake's last surgery I needed to get some things in order, you know like bills and magazines and well, everything really. There wasn't an area of my life or my home that didn't need some attention, picking up, and clearing out. 

I begrudgingly began the process, bitching all the way.. to myself of course...because let's face, I am the one that made the mess. I wish I could say the process was enjoyable, but it wasn't. I worked for over a week before I felt like I'd made any real progress and then, then I couldn't stop thinking about all the crap I had amassed. I was still swaying back and fourth from triumphant (take that all you sh+*) to timid (So help me GOD, I will never buy another book again another coffee mug again.) 

End the end, I kept plugging away and even as I write this post, I'm still not close to where I want to be. For me, this really is a lifestyle change. It's a pattern shift from how I've set up my day, lived through the moments, focused on who and what were actually important and surrounding myself with items that are authentic reflections of who I am at this time and where I intend to journey next. And who the places I plan to go!!!!!!

I have indeed lightened the load! The picture above tripled from when I first snapped the shot. It was hauled away, last weekend, by my dear friend, Leah who is distributing it to various places via eBay and women's shelters.  For the first time, since I've moved in, I am enjoying an empty hall closet, all of my favorite books are in the same location, my shoes all fit on ONE rack, my tote of purses are gone, my mail is sorted and organized. Yes, I have a was to go. The upstairs will be brought to justice in time. Right now I have a few other things to focus on.... however, the recent purge has severely shifted what I will be purchasing for Christmas, or rather what I will not be purchasing. 
My previously messy, mail corner. 

I am by no means what could be called"minimalist" but that is where I am headed. I'm still quite attached to many items though I have created more space to enjoy them all. Next on my list is creating more time. I'm sure it's there, just like the space was. 

Through the process I've realized that the more stuff I have, the more weighted down I feel. I'm amazed how letting go of excess has resulted in feeling more clear, focused, vibrant and aware. 

An interesting correlation for me has been that I am much more motivated to get up and get going. One of the things I've REALLY struggled with waking up.... I have previously hated mornings. While I am not going to say I love getting out of bed at 5 am, I will say that I have been able to force myself a bit more easily (I know, I know, there are oxymorons all OVER that statement!) Perhaps it was clearing the clutter out, perhaps it was the boost of feeling like I've accomplished something, it really doesn't matter because I've made it past the "zombie, bleary-eyed, why in the hell am I doing this phase" to the "holy cow, my body just woke up before my alarm went off".... 

Clearing out clutter made me realize what my goals and values are. It has helped me narrow down the distractions, release the chaos and really focus on what I want to experience, achieve and accomplish. If I'm constantly living in a cycle of cleaning/organizing/living/making messes and then starting over again, I'm not making progress and I am certainly not being efficient with my time, talents, traits and energies. 

I notice when my living space is clear I can more easily focus on the to-dos. I can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time and dare I say, I can recognize and enjoy the process! I wouldn't have been able to say that a few months ago, but looking at what I've knocked out lately, even I'm impressed. So that also means, I can look what I have done to actively change my approach. I have changed a lot of things, some are noticeable, some are not, some will be seen to a greater degree down the road. 

My recent experience reminds me that a lot of what happens in our inner world is mirrored in the outer world. I've let a lot of things go, I've released and lightened the load and as a result, I feel "lighter" more free and happier than I've been in a long time. 

Sure, I still have some challenges that I am working through. There are certain people and situations that trigger me. Just like I've changed my approach to clutter and what I was willing to put up with and let go of, well, I'm applying this to attitudes and people that I have to deal with as well. There's something to be said about letting emotional clutter (other people's opinions and mean actions) go right out the door. 

There are so many things that I am ready to create, experience and share. I'm looking forward to 2016, more so than I have ever looked forward to a coming new year. This one has been deeply challenging. I've had very an array of experiences, from excruciating fear and and emotional turmoil to feelings of joy, bliss and appreciation. It's really a lot to take in. 

I have my sights set on a few things in the coming year, and now I have an expanded clear view. It's so nice to get up, get moving and experience a clean, clear, organized space. 

There's a good chance that this is all in my head and that there is no correlation between clutter clearing and success. I might be crazy to think that giving items away/releasing the could have anything to do with dropping physical weight and letting go of excess could create space. If that is the case, I gladly accept insanity, because for whatever reason it seems to be working out much better. 

As Cheryl Crow sings, "A change.. will do you go" I have to agree. I needed to change my attitude, change my approach, change my direction, change my focus, redirect my schedule, get my body moving, make better food choices, make better life decisions, and really get clear on where to spend my time, talents and resources. So yes, A change has done me good and I trust it will continue to do so. 

What changes are you ready to institute? What's holding you back? I know how much energy it took me to face the piles of crap that have gathered and multiplied for over a year. I want you to know that if you choose to roll up your sleeves and dive in, I'll be happy to cheer you on and support you, because believe me, no one should have to go through the process alone---it can be huge, and scary and REALLY, REALLY eye-opening. For that reason, I encourage you to do just that. Dive in, dig deep, clear out the crap that you've been putting up with, let go of anything that doesn't light you up and make your heart sing. Claim your inner space, clean up the outside, bring it all together and get ready to create a truly amazing year. Let's do something different, wild, and more authentically amazing than what we even thought was possible! Ready??? 3, 2, 1..............

{If you are in the mood for some changes, and would be interested in my coaching support, let me know. I'll be offering a few limited spots in January. These are private phone, email, or Google + sessions, tailored to your specific goals and blockages. Message me on Facebook, or if you'd like to set something up.}

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