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Simply Festive

Here's a quick snap of my kitchen table. I gleaned this vintage table cloth years before I had a scratched up metal table to lay it upon. 

It's old and there are stains, it's perfect! 

I've been going through holidays decorations. NO ONE should have as many decorations at this. No one. 

I am paring down to just a few items, items I REALLY TRULY love. Even if I like it, that's not enough to justify giving it space for 11 months. 
I've been going through items with a very discerning eye. I have three piles: sell, donate, pitch. These candles ended up on the pitch pile. Parker procured them from the their places and put them on the trunk in the living room instead. His words, "Mom, we should finish using these." 

Simple as that. So I placed the candles in a pie pan, added one more candle for a grouping and here is our "center piece" 

In the past I wondered what it would be like to have a simple, stress free holiday? I mean it IS a holiday and holiday = relaxation. But that wasn't the case for me. At all. I was rushing to address, sign and send cards and pictures, I stayed up until 2 am wrapping gifts, I frantically cleaned and cooked and tried my best to keep things looking *amazing*. The week in between Christmas and New Year's I cleaned and organized. Basically I had to find a place for all the stuff so, I didn't relax much. 

Fast forward I have far fewer items. I live with who I love and what I love. I also do what I love. That's my focus. Yes, I still deal with frustrations and challenges but my focus and perspective have done a 360. 

I don't cook tons of food items. I've proved that I can and that's enough for me. We don't need the excess sugar or leftovers. My perfect amount of time in the kitchen is long enough to make coffee in the French Press :) 

We will be traveling this holiday. I never know until the day/time what we will do, what will feel right. Sometimes it feels good to stay home, sometimes we are all ready to go. That's how we feel right now. 

We will have our holiday together tonight and then rise and journey on. I love the feeling of living and traveling "light". To me this is what simple living and celebration is all about. Present moment. Authenticity. Creation. Connection. We are blessed! 


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