Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just the Essentials...and a Bit of Beauty!

Have you ever bought/received an item that you initially loved, and then didn't know exactly what to do with it? 

I bought this medicine bag several years ago and it's made its home on my bedside table (an old TV tray!) 

As I've been going through items in my decluttering foray, I've noticed my propensity for buying, keeping and NOT using. What?! Silly. 

I can't explain why it popped into my head to start my medicine bag after so many years. I remember where and when I bought it. I think I remember why....but I can't say that I fulfilled that purpose exactly. 

So in my quest to "put it to good use" or let it go, this item came to my attention. I've cleared away a lot of nice, but unnecessary items or items that I just haven't used, aren't authentic reflections of my style or I just don't need. I've become very real with truth of what clothes I will wear, what items I will keep and why. I am currently holding on to a few things for purely sentimental purposes. 

The medicine bag was one of these items until the thought struck me, "I should use this!" And he next thought,  "What would I use it for?!" 

I've learned to ask questions. The answers find me eventually. I let go of the need to know and bring my focus back to the present.  I came home the other evening and started clearing out my closet. Again. This will likely be a continual process for awhile (it really can be overwhelming, simple because I've collected SO MUCH and releases so little. 

As I took clothes off of hangers I glanced over at my make-shift night stand: time to start carrying the medicine bag. I emptied the various treasures it held inside. "What would my 'medicine' be? 
Again, I asked the question and left it wide open. 

The night before my Chicago trip, I grabbed the beaded bag, still not knowing what I'd use it for, just that I wanted it to be along with me. That was reason enough. It's aesthetically pleasing and I want to appreciate it. 

This morning, (not bright) but early, the purpose of the bag, and what my "medicine" is came to me. I think sometimes discovery comes to me as a winding path. Each step lends to a deeper understanding, a more clear vision than the day before. 

I know that I was born to travel, this is something I've loved since I packed my first backpack and road around the ranch on my dirt bike. I have a deep desire to explore, discover, get out of my comfort zone and be in new environments. I love the feeling of traveling without excess, having just what I need and a few beautiful, non-essential items. 

I've become quite keen on paring down. I have a good idea of what I need, what I will use, what works for me. Rather than feeling lack, I feel abundantly blessed! Lightening the load is allowing me so many amazing insights and experiences. It is truly an adventure to experience. 

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