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Friends Along the Trail

I didn't think about taking pictures and recording stories of the wonderful people I met on my journey, until the last day 🙄. I met up with Patricia and Staci in Crestone. Very cool ladies that I had the pleasure of sharing  about the Ki energy work that I do. Then there was Brian, the volunteer guide at Chaco. Brian has an amazing story that I will share in another post. The final leg of the journey was where I met this Soul Sister, Ranell Fox. 

I was driving out to Royal Gorge, I thought it looked like a cool stop. I was wrong. After spending so many days alone, in quiet solitude and virtually undisturbed from crowds and chaos, stopping here was an absolute assault on my system.... LORDY! 

Throwing the binoculars in the backpack I walked to the visitor's center and felt my entire being constricting. Too many people, too much noise, too much.......everything. My entire quest was to connect with my soul and the Earth energies. To remember why I am here, to recalibrate and rejuvenate. I fell deeply in love with the silence of the places I was in. I could hear my heart, I could hear my voice I could hear voices of the ancestors. The expansion of space helps me go deeper. The chaos and demands of daily living tend to turn that volume down. 

To help me find my center and navigate my way through rough, emotional terrain, I usually need time by myself. This is not always the case, there are people I trust and that I can process with.  That said, I sometimes need to go off by myself to think, to BE, to heal and release. This year has been so very difficult and demanding. I had to take a timeout, it was essential. Making soul pilgrimages is something I will start doing more of. 

Within about five minutes of realizing that it costs $26 dollars to walk across the bridge and finding the view to be "good enough" through the binoculars, I trekked back to the Jeep. My thought, "I need to get out of here..." 

I headed back down the mountain and zipped right by a trading post I noticed on the way up. I had made a mental note to stop and it flashed in my head as I drove by. I got the strong "hit" to go back. So I did. I walked into a cool shop, smelling of leather. I hadn't done any shopping and wanted to grab a few gifts for my people. The shopkeeper asked if I was looking for something specific and I shared with her that I was. She made recommendations and we began chatting. Very quickly we realized we had a lot in common, specifically our oldest and middle sons. They were so much alike! We shared and compared stories. I bet her husband, Russ and he suggested that we go have a beer and grab lunch! We did!

We feasted on a delicious brisket sandwich, beans and Blue Moon. We chatted and laughed. It was like I'd known her for years. I shared that she needed to come visit in her off season and I assured her that I would be picking her up one of these days on a return trip to Ojo Caliente. We talked of our life journeys, family, marriage, children, future plans, Marco Polo and Google Drive. Ranell has an amazing story, I'm hoping she will write a book one of these days! 

I finally remembered to take a picture  new friend, Ranell. She was sweet enough to jump right in and join me for a selfie! 

This is their shop! Her parents came to the area in 1976 and started the business out of a teepee (how cool is that?!) They lived at the KOA campground across the road. They migrated from Minnesota to start the shop and today it is a thriving, busy business. 

Ranell, Russ and their sons spend their days here in the summer, working 9 hour days. This is their busy season. They travel in the winter time. 

If you are near Canon City, please stop in and visit. The Fox Family (and their cool dogs!) are great people. You'll feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. The selection is great too! I especially love the Navajo beaded bracelets (Thank you, Ranell for the ankle bracelet, I adore it!) 

I am honored to have met such very kind, wonderful people. There were so many awarenesses and blessings that arose through this journey. I do hope to share them and, now that I am back in my familiar space with more to-do's than hours in the day, I'm not sure I'll get that done. 

If you have a chance to get "out there" I encourage you to take it. Life from the road definitely expands our perspectives and helps us see the blessings that are always around us. 


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