Friday, June 20, 2014

Light Bulb!

You know sometimes I get a brilliant idea, the "light bulb" goes off in my head and I get all happy and excited. 

This is likely not a new tip, but it is one that I never thought of before: 

I always pack a little spray bottle of water + lavender essential oil. I use it for hair and skin spritzer and/or quick hand and face wash. 

As you can see, I reuse the original product and I don't throw the bottle away. 

Maybe it's because I got up early and my mind was clear? Or maybe it was because I just really wanted to take the bottle with me… my lightbulb idea was to dump the water out, and still have the bottle! Viola'!  this makes my packing very "light" and I can refill it when I get to my destination. Sometimes I impress myself!

The picture below shows my one of my packing cubes. There are a total of four, I find myself never using the largest one. These were ordered on Amazon and for some reason this brand isn't available anymore. I'm glad I got these because the sizes are perfect. 

For air travel, I have a plastic see-through quart size bag, that is actually not a baggie. I found that I ripped too many of those. 

My goal was to go as light as possible, being kind to my back. I never feel like I take that much stuff, but somehow my pack always seems to be heavier after carrying it for a while. 

I have a few hours to decide if I will take the MacBook and the Kindle. It seems a bit indulgent to take them both. I can do way more work on the MacBook but the Kindle has all my books and will take up less space on the plane. Decisions.
I need that light bulb to go off again. 

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