Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's been quite the week. I knew it was coming and yet, as much as I hope and wish and savor and push away the inevitable, a new season has begun: we attempt to get in bed earlier, get up earlier and power through our days. The goal is learning, achieving, growing. Once we are in the routine, it's a little easier but getting to that "groove" is not the most fun. 

In the midst of the stretching and tugging ("time for bed" or "time to wake up") I find that my happiness, joy and freedom goes a little undercover. It's still there, but I have to dig a bit harder to connect with it. It's not "bad" or "good", it's just what is..... 

I'm sitting here tonight, watching a beautiful sky and listening to the last drips of water running off the porch. It's truly lovely. I love hearing the chorus of locust, looking at gorgeous green grass and luscious trees, knowing that this too shall pass and one of these days, I'll be cursing the frigid temperature and snow. I loathe cold weather. I love being able to be outside, to breathe fresh air and smell rain. I love the sensory explosion of a storm and how it opens me up inside, reminding me that NOW is where I've been wanting to be. 

My babies are quiet; "Store devices issue" has been sounded. At, we enter "quiet time" there is no tv, no electronics, no "fun"......Just kidding, living with me is a blast! Even though they howl and complain, I believe they secretly love and savor this "down time." They need it. I need it. 

Sometimes "traveling light" means tuning in to where you are and just BE-ing. No obligations, no worries, no work. Smell the rain. Savor the moment. 

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