Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pake Update

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to check in and share our latest update. Pake is doing really well! The major side effect of the radiation treatments is being tired. He's pushing through it and staying active, as his doctors have shared that this is really important, especially after the treatments end and his body works to heal and recover. Once treatments are finished, we'll be back for a scan in October to determine the results.

He does have other tumors that will need to be treated. The next one we are watching is the one in his brain stem. If it doesn't grow, he can wait until after graduation to begin treatments. That round will likely be longer than these, due to the location.

Pake has his books and computer and is ready to get to school. He's missing our family and friends back home.

For now, we are focused on our daily routine. Up early, drive across town and swear at the traffic.... return home, eat lunch and do homework. 

Leah, Stu, Silvan and Eliana have done a great job of making us feel welcomed, included and loved! They've keept us entertained and fed. We feel very fortunate to have such an amazing, fun group of Omaha friends! 

Additionally, Pake is enjoying "Police Scanner Plus" App. If anyone wants to know what's going on in Omaha, he's the dude to ask! His favorite show is "Cops." He says doesn't enjoy drama in his real life, but for some strange reason he enjoys watching it on tv? He told his nurse, Cindy, that he also enjoys Spanish soap operas....with subtitles of course. (I think Mr. Heaton might be happy to know this!)

Here are few picture highlights:

Go long, Silvan!

Football Tour!

Testing out the throwing arm at a Storm Chasers game. 

Watching "Cops" and chillin with Leah

Taking Caleb's "baby" for a spin!

Tubing on the Niobrara!

Woo hoo! Fun in the sun!

Mama n the boys!

Stu, Pake and Leah, at Smith Falls
Parker, Pryce, Robyn and Pake on Brewer Bridge

Dart Champion

Good times with the Soul Family!

We want to thank everyone who has invited us to supper, spent time with us, laughed with and encouraged Pake. Thank you SO MUCH for the calls, kind words and supportive messages, it makes this time so much more bearable. He is such a great kid and he's handling this very well. He makes this challenge look incredibly easy, and we all know that it is not that. 

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