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Magic or Mistake?

I adore flowers, I think it is the combination of delicacy and pops of color that attract me. I used to have a lot of flowers and a huge garden. I didn't spend the money or the time on either of those this year. My focus has been on travel, movement and experiences. I am home long enough to mow the lawn, do a bit of laundry and leave for the next adventure. 

This week, as I was walking out the door, I saw a blast of pink out of the corner of my eye. I had to do a double take..... here, seemingly out of the blue, was this adorable little flower! I didn't put her there. In fact, I have no idea how she got there!

Instead of wondering, I just thanked her. I thanked the consciousness of what brought her to this spot, this unlikely location, right up against my sidewalk. I gave her a drink of water and have smiled at her every time I've come in and out of the house. 

These kinds of miracles are all around us, if we choose to look at them this way. These can be mistakes or miracles, depending on the point of view we hold. Some could look at this as a mistake, an accident and think nothing of it. Or some could look at is through the eyes of mystery, compassion, grace, surprise and gratitude! What turn of events planted the seed that became this flower? How did this get organism land here? 

The answer is irrelevant. The reality is........ she's here, right now, for a time. She may not always be here. Like any living being, she will have her time, she will shine and then her life force energy will dissipate and she will return to the earth from which gave her a foundation. She isn't going to look back and lament the fact that she only had so many days/weeks on this planet. She isn't going to hold out hope for living in a garden or even being able to become a lilac bush or a mighty oak tree. She's going to be the brilliant flower that she just is. 

I have agreed to follow suit in that I will appreciate her while she's here, provide hydration and appreciate her beauty. I will release the tendency to hold on and keep her here (because when I fall in love I tend to get attached and I want that being close by!) I'm letting her teach me the delicate art of appreciation without holding on so tightly. The ability to be fully present and in joyful celebration while not becoming fixated and attached. And when it is time for her to depart, I will allow that too. Thanks to technology I have a pictorial reminder of what was, not as a way to draw sadness for what I no longer experience, but as a way to recognize and celebrate this gift. 

The power is in the present moment: We look to what is here, right now. We celebrate the cheery pink and white and revel in the miracle of a flower that found a way to grow beside a concrete step. 

What miracles are springing up around you? 


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