Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slowing D O W N

As much as I LOVE to travel and be on the go, I also enjoy time at home, with my children.  I've become much less of a homebody that what I ever have been before. In fact, this summer is the most mobile I've ever been, and I have to say..... IT ROCKS! I've been looking on-line at VW camper vans and wondering what it would take to make one of those my home for awhile, preferably near a lake or river? 

Prior to this year, "home" meant a lot of work. That's all changed now. I've crafted an entirely different experience so the translation of "home" has taken on a new meaning. I've downsized incredibly and that effort is now paying off. We have time to relax, to play badminton, cards, golf, swim, go to the river, visit friends, read, ride bikes, and even do a few necessary chores like laundry and lawn mowing. The things I used to have to effort and squeeze in, are now easily accessed. I have to say, it's been strangely odd at times to experience the spaciousness and freedom that comes with not having so many "irons in the fire". I'm living the change that I asked for. It didn't come easily, it didn't come quickly, in fact it arrived in a way that I barely recognized....... but it did arrive. 

While I am always ready for the next adventure (my backpack is at the ready, just in case) I am leaning into slowing down. While I am at home, two of the ways that I keep things "light" are lounging in the hammock whenever the mood strikes and finding old books to read. This is the one I'm investigating today. 

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